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Streaming Video Downloader 5.0

An easy to use automatic video downloader for popular web browsers
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Streaming Video Downloader is a useful application that helps you to automatically download online videos. Every time you open a video in your web browser, you will be asked if you want to download it. Web downloaders don't usually do that, they require that you copy-paste each preferred link in their workspace, so that the download can be started.

Streaming Video Downloader makes the process of downloading videos a little easier, using the most popular browsers, IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera. You will be asked if you intend to download a video whenever you start to watch a video in a browser. If you prefer it that this question be skipped for a series of videos, appropriate settings can be made. Files will be saved with the .flv or .avi extensions. FLV files can afterwards be converted to .avi. Flash, Silverlight, WebM, QuickTime, Real Videos can be saved. HD videos can also be downloaded. You can also download several files at the same time.

To conclude, Streaming Video Downloader is an easy-to-use tool and it proves to be helpful given that videos can be removed from Internet sites at any time.

Margie Smeer
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  • Makes downloading videos easier


  • Confusions can be made: the "delete" button does not refer to the ability of removing a file from the download list but to deleting the file from your computer
  • Files can only be converted to one single extension
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