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Streaming Video Downloader records video streams and downloads YouTube videos
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I think livestreams are one of the greatest forms of media to have come into our lives in the last decade. Unfortunately, their Achilles heel is their transience: most of the time they are not recorded at all and sink into the oblivion the very minute they end. Streaming Video Downloader by BinaryMark claims to give you a hand in capturing the livestream magic.

While you are thinking whether you are ready to fork out $29 for this extremely handy app, the trial Lite version works as a purchase incentive. It gives you a marvellous view of the neat program interface with fancy icons, it allows you to rummage in the program's settings to customize it up to the full. It even explains in all thinkable details what Streaming Video Downloader does: namely, record and download video streams (which is not surprising at all), as well as download videos and playlists from YouTube. In case you never knew you can download videos from YouTube, though, I should warn you it is a violation of the YouTube TEO and can theoreitcally end up in your IP address being banned from the site.

So, while you are thinking whether you should buy the full version, you can play a little with the trial one. And that's where the problems come up. Maybe I am too slow-witted and simply couldn't figure how to record video streams, or the software just doesn't work: no matter which sites I tried, no matter what I did, Streaming Video Downloader wouldn't detect the stream and allow me to record it. After a severe internal struggle, I even tried to download a YouTube video just to discover the Lite version allows for only up to 5 MBs of the video to be saved. That is why I could not make up my mind about this program: I just didn't see it working. Loads of toolbars and other trashware it tried to install onto my computer along with itself have brought the program's final rating to the rather pitiful 2 stars.

Andreea Iordan
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  • Neat interface


  • Extremely limited options in the free version. Tries to install lots of toolbars
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